First consulted in 2006, till present. Removal and rebuilding of the whole production area. Current project: New office building

Serendipol Coconut Products with Dr. Gero Leson

Kuilijiyapitiya, Sri Lanka

Production area for organic and fair trade coconut oil




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Serendipol Coconut Products' needed to develope alternative products and markets for the increasingly competative market around the world for coconut production in Sri Lanka.

New products from the coconuts had to be produced using good ecological practice within the rules of fair trade.

To implement this concept it was necessary to build up a new comprehensive consultation and control system to monitor the effectiveness of the ecological cultivation and to create suitable production plants for the subsequent treatment of the nuts. These facilities had to comply with international employment standards (e.g. the ILO).

Wansleben Architekten role was to advise the consultancy team set up to plan the new production plants and social facilities for the employees and to support it during the development of the site.

The principles adopted by Wansleben Architekten in the design strategy for this projects were as follows:
- The „new“ should be created from the „existing“, both in terms of materials used and cultural regards.
- The plans should incorporate traditional building types adapted to recognize tropical requirements.
- Traditional elements should be used to strengthen esteem for the Srilankan culture and promote self confidence.
- Locally available building materials and technologies should be used.
- Modern technology should be introduced to create a "sustainable infrastructure".
- Local religious beliefs and superstitions should be recognized and integrated into the construction and production phases.

This strategy for the smooth transformation of the existing buildings into a up to date factory will lead to a modern and "optimistic" architecture which is locally accepted and "functional" in the original sense of the word.

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