1997, completion summer 1998

City of Hürth

Bonnstraße, Hürth

Day-care kindergarten

Two-story, six-grouped day-care kindergarden, site 2800m2, building 990m2


First prize in invited architect/investor competition


Day-care kindergarten

Work & Communication

Help me to do it myself. (Maria Montessori)

The kindergarten wanted to be instrumental in helping helping the children to realize their potential. It does not try to create images for the child's fantasy but creates a situation where fantasy and imagination are stimulated. It permits pedagogues and children to jointly develope scenarios using the roomspace. Situations of an ?as well as' and look what's happening are created instead of an ?either or' predefinition. This retention goes along with offerings stimulating the childrens sensuality and imagination like the freely hanging wooden egg-shaped cave softly covered on the inside.

The topography of the site allows the back of the bottom storey and the services to be cut into the ground and covered over. It also allows the top storey to have direct acces to the garden.

The building is subdivided by two transparent zones which run from East to West. This brings outside conditions into the building, opens views to surroundings and allows deep penetration of sunlight. These voids catch the daily and seasonal light conditions and moods changes.

Each of the resultant three cubes contains two rooms per group. They lie like houses next to these zones which resemble squares. The wooden covering of the cubes runs from the ouside to the inside of the building facing these squares. This in-between space is generously glazed. These connecting areas between the houses form broad play streets and provide clear midpoints of the kindergarten.

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