2000, completion summer 2003

Christine Wansleben

Mülheimer Freiheit 54, Köln - Mülheim

housingproject based on a world-war II-ruin

8 units / 1 office units / 1 café bar



Mülheimer Freiheit 54

Life & Work

The restoration of the Freiheit 54 is based on a design attitude that aims at bringing together urbanism and architecture.

The ability of a building to absorb material change was used in this project to show the chronology of the most important historical events:

the substance of an early 20th century-bourgeoise residence, the pointless destruction in the last days of the second World War and more than half a century as an uninhabited ruin. These are visible in this project.

To rebuild Freiheit 54 in this way is also motivated by the importance of the site for the history of settlement in this part of the city. Here the ?Mülheimer Freiheit' following the Rhine crossed the ?Buchheimer Straße', an historical trading route to the hills to the east. 

The town hall of Mülheim was situated on this site until 1838. 

The visualization of history creates the identity of this project and hopefully its impact will influence positively the further development of Old-Mülheim-North. 

The new roof consists totally of an aluminium/ glass-construction. On the sides facing the streets the majority is covered by rotating external slats protecting the rooms from sunlight and visual intrusion. The upper two stories enjoy a spectacular views of the Rhine and the changing weather. They also have the advantage of providing solar energy. 

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