Spring 1996. Begin construction August 2000. Completion summer 2002

modernes düsseldorf

'media port' Düsseldorf

Residential housing projec

eventspace/discotheque 2100 sq.m., officespace raised section approx. 3000 sq.m., in monument round 1200qm


construction engeneering: Arup Düsseldorf
German fire protection-prize 2003


Port-Event-Center (PEC)

Work & Communication, Conversions

In 1996 Wansleben Architekten initiated in cooperation with developer BTV a concept for a Creative Centre in the commercial harbour of Düsseldorf.

The proposed Port Event Centre would be a complex knot comprising the tower as an end to of the ?mediawalk' and a 35m cantilevered office unit over a highly sound proofed event space protruding over the protected former powerstation as a reaction on the perspective of the harbour bassin.

The 'media-port' should be supplemented by a centre for culture and music. Individual treatment of the different spatial dynamics and directions is done as usual in older parts of the harbour by an uncomplicated but complex arrangement of unpretentious buildings which in appearance and function are achitectually independent. 

This will be a roboust, non-hierarchical urban structure that is capable of being changed and developed with minimum coordination. Since 2002 it has been rented by O'Gilvy & Mather Advertising Agency and 3001 Discotheque. 

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