First studies in 2005. Final town planning concept to comply with Cologne a B-Plan till 2008. In parallel comprehensive list of additional service requirements. Up to date describtion of technical preparation of the new building areas

Pyramid Bauträger GmbH

Raderbergstr. 202, Köln-Raderberg

House building project

ca. 23.000 qm



Raderbergstr. House building project

Life & Work, Conversions

In a fast changing society it is important to conserve examples of the social and working history of settlements. This is not so much in the interests of preserving of monuments and historic buildings, but a contribution to the protection of elements of local identity.

Raderberg is a part of Cologne which is steeped in tradition. It has been subjected to considerable changes from extensive conversion of the old industrial area.

Traditional trades disappear to be replaced by new residential accommodation. The number of inhabitants increases dramatically and this part of Cologne will gain a new identity.

To keep the integrity of this part of the city where ever possible it is important to preserve the material memory of its origins. Hence, Wansleben Architekten have put great emphasis on keeping parts of the former ?Löringfabrik", giving them a new use.

In the former ?Shedhallen' Wansleben Architekten designed ?loft flats' for which there is a high demand. These were complemented by newly built town houses and appartments which in their style and construction blend in with existing buildings.

This matrix of old and new buildings will create a distinctive place which will be admired both by existing and in-coming residents.

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